Weekends are for relaxation. They are the one time during the weekend that you get the chance to sleep in and be lazy around the house. Well, not if you have kids. That’s because the kids look forward to the weekend. After all, they get to spend some free time with their parents.


My kids and I have come up with tons of stuff to do during the weekends. Doing things together as a family brings us closer together, and it’s lots of fun too. After weekends of coming up with stuff to do that involve the kids, I thought it would be nice to share my list of creative things to do with the kids on the weekend. As you read along, you will be pleased to find out that you don’t have to fork out large amounts to enjoy some quality time with the family.


1. Sumo Wrestling

Kids like activities that are energy-intensive because it lets them jump around a bit. Sumo wrestling with the kids is a perfect plan for a Saturday morning. I did this with my boys once, and it has since become their favourite thing for a Saturday morning. Go the whole hog and have some sort of prize for the best wrestler just to make things a bit more interesting. I should warn you though, that this may start out as a morning activity and extend into the afternoon.


2. Have a Meal Night for the Family

It’s always good to eat with the family. It gets even better when you can cook together. A family meal night is an ideal plan for a Saturday evening. Nothing beats the conversations you have around the fire, and a meal night will create these spectacular moments. The boys and I have a barbecue where I teach them a thing or two about grilling. You could also take this a notch higher and have “cuisine nights.” Try out different cuisine that you have not prepared before and enjoy the experience of learning to prepare new dishes with the kids.


3. A Visit to the Museum

Kids are always curious, and visiting the museum is one way to satisfy their inquisitive side. Visit the local museum and enjoy learning about history. I took my kids to the science museum, and they couldn’t stop talking about it the entire week. The static displays at the science museum leave a massive impression on the kids.


4. Visit a Zoo

Seeing wild animals is always fun. A zoo visit is a perfect way to help the kids blow off some steam after a long week at school. As kids love animals, they will enjoy feeding and learning new things about different zoo animals. In addition to spending some time with the family, visiting the zoo brings you closer to nature. We all need some time to connect with nature, especially since brick and mortar is all we see through the week.


5. Draw Portraits

How about drawing some portraits with the kids this weekend? Kids like anything that has to do with the arts and drawing is sure going to pique their interest. You don’t have to be good at drawing to do this. Get some drawing paper, pencils, tape, glue, markers, and crayons and you are set. My boys enjoy this activity and always try to get me to draw with them. The fun part is when you and the kids laugh at how bad of an artist you are. An activity like this is simple, fun, and encourages the kids’ creative side. After this, you can pin the kids’ art on the refrigerator.


6. Board Games

Board games are a classic family activity. Monopoly, Scrabble and other board games were created for moments like these. It’s breathless excitement for the kids, and you don’t have to spend a lot for a night like this. Kids nowadays are caught up in the console world with all kinds of gadgets competing for their attention. Board games are a great way to draw them away from devices. Play board games on the weekend and have the rule to put down all devices when playing.


There are plenty of things to do with the kids without having to spend money on an outing. You just have to come up with creative ideas of things to do, and the kids will roll with it. Besides, taking time to play with your kids helps them develop a whole gamut of skills.