Sleep is important. Insomnia or discomfort during sleep can lead to serious health problems. We cannot talk about sleep hygiene without addressing a determining question: the choice of the mattress. How to choose the right mattress? What are the important criteria to consider when buying a mattress? Is it necessary to limit oneself only to the price?


The Size Of The Mattress

This is the very first factor to consider. It goes without saying that the ideal mattress cannot be smaller than the person who has to use it. There are several sizes, but for some years now it has also been possible to order a custom-made mattress.


I advise you not to be afraid to buy a mattress made just for you. Contrary to popular belief, custom-made mattresses are not systematically expensive. Therefore, rather than suffer with a mattress that doesn’t suit you, I recommend you buy a personalized one.


It is important to keep in mind that the size of the mattress should always be at least 15 cm larger than that of the user. Needless to say that if two people sleep on the mattress, the size of the tallest person will be taken into consideration.


The User’s Morphology

The ideal mattress should be neither very stiff nor too soft. In the first case, it will prevent the rest of the spine, which will cause pain over time. In the second case, it will not support it enough, which will lead to the same result. Speaking of the user’s morphology, we refer to the weight / height ratio.


  • Medium firm mattress

It will be perfect for people whose weight varies between 110 and 155 lbs, with a height between 5’5″ m and over 6’5″. People weighing less than 110lbs, but who are at least 5’2″ m tall, are also in the best interest of choosing a medium firm mattress. In short, this mattress will suit people whose weight, weight / height ratio is minimal.


  • Firm mattress

It is the perfect mattress for the average person. I mean that it is suitable for the majority of people. If your weight is between 155 lbs and 220 lbs, I recommend you to choose a firm mattress.


  • Very firm mattress

Above 220 lbs, avoid any other type of mattress. They will not give your spine the support it needs.


I can imagine the question that many readers will ask. What to do if two people of different categories have to sleep on the same bed. The answer is simple, sleeping on the same bed does not necessarily mean sleeping on the same mattress. So that everyone can enjoy optimal comfort, just buy two mattresses. The other option is double firmness mattresses. They will adapt to the needs of each user, and they are not as expensive as some people think.


Mattress Manufacturing Technology

There are currently 4 types of mattress suspension. They are: latex, memory foam, foam and innerspring There are also hybrid mattresses that combine several technologies at the same time.


Memory foam mattresses

It is one of the last jewels of the market. Made of viscoelastic foam, their popularity has been growing steadily over the last few years and this is not surprising. As mentioned in the name, they have the peculiarity of adapting ideally to the shape of the user, thus reducing all pressure points. Moreover, these mattresses can absorb movements. This guarantees optimal comfort when sleeping with a partner. The only disadvantage is that the heat, including that of the human body, softens them.


Latex mattresses

Made of latex (natural or synthetic), they offer a support for any test. They are sufficiently elastic and firm, which guarantees total comfort for people suffering from lumbar pain, for example. Latex mattresses have only one advantage. They are very firm.


Foam mattresses

They have the advantage of being less expensive and truly adaptable to all morphologies. However, I recommend them mainly for children. They are not big enough and do not need mattresses with ultra-complex technology.


Innerspring mattress

The only advice I can give to all those who intend to buy an innerspring mattress is to avoid the cheapest ones. Overall, these are mattresses that offer excellent support because the coils stay firm for a long time. Nowadays, only innerspring mattresses are rare. In most cases, they are hybrid. This means springs and layers of foam, memory foam or latex.


The last factor to be considered is the treatment the mattress has undergone. I would prefer a mattress that has undergone antibacterial and anti-mite treatment to any other. Take care to choose your mattress, it is for your health.