If there’s something I look forward to every year, it is our family vacations. While just because you are with family does not mean that everything will go smoothly, there are a few things we can do to prepare well and have a nice vacation. If you are looking to have a family vacation soon and want to make it unforgettable, I use a few tips that will help you.


1. Create the Checklist Early Enough

Family vacations demand a considerable amount of packing, especially when kids are involved. To be safe, I like to start our preparations early enough, at least two weeks before the travel day. This gives me ample time to create a checklist and tick it off the night before the trip. To make things easy, I divide the list into categories, such as food, clothing, and other items.


2. Countercheck Everything the Night Before

I’d rather have a hectic night before the travel day than a dreadful morning. This means we all have to sleep with our bags packed except for items that might get damaged overnight or those we might use in the morning. Anything that needs to be collected before the trip is done on this day. If we are using the plane, we also book early and check that our reservations are correct.


3. Start the Day Early

Now to the D-day. If the day has to run well, we have to wake up early. My greatest challenge has always been balancing between what time is too early and what time will have us rushing through traffic. However, I have found it better to be too early as this means we can rest as we wait to leave, instead of being too late and leaving important things behind.


4. Make Realistic Bookings

I understand that we love making family vacations as much fun as possible, but visiting every possible zoo or nature park will not always lead to a successful day. Since kids love to take their time, I prefer booking fewer destinations to enjoy them amply instead of rushing through all possible places.


5. Make Room for Possible Hitches

While no one hopes to encounter unforeseen chaos during a family vacation, sometimes it is inevitable. This is why it is more realistic to plan for such hitches and hope you do not run into any snags. Making practical bookings also helps with this. It gives me time to handle any issues while still making it to our next destination on time.


6. Do Not Forget the Food

If there is one thing that can destroy a trip, it is a journey without food. Even if you forget the food pack at home, you could go back for it if there is time or stop by a convenience store to stock something up. However, a disaster can happen when people overeat while on a trip. To avoid this, I have to control what my kids eat, so no one has to see the doctor instead of enjoying the vacation.


7. Plan to Enjoy Regardless of Unforeseen Events

It is no secret that even very well planned events often fall through. However, having gone on a couple of family vacations, we have learned to enjoy the detours. This is how memories are made. Do not be afraid to make new friends along the way, and if you are moving from state to state, ensure you are aware of travel guidelines and restrictions that might change.


At this point, you might need to have a back-up plan. If things do not go as planned, do not be afraid to alter your route, change where you were to visit if possible, and stop over at vacation houses along the way if you do not get to your destination on time.


Enjoy Your Family Vacation

We go on vacations to have fun, so I hope that you do not take the pleasure out of the equation regardless of how the day goes. In addition to that, prepare early, check things out as soon as possible, and have room for disruptions, both in terms of time and money. These are the three necessary foundations of a well-prepared family vacation that will make sure you have a fantastic time.